Super Smash

 PGH Smash Bros

2016 Season

Next Event: Smash 4 eSports Event

September 18th 1pm

924 Brookline blvd Pittsburgh PA 15226

Due to popular demand, the Smash 4 eSports Tournaments are now every first and third Sunday of the month.  We are working with a large Smash Community here in Pittsburgh and in NE Ohio to add a more professional setup to the already large Smash Community. The tournaments are not GameOn tournaments since they are currently hosted by the Pittsburgh Smash Community to ensure the seeding is always up-to-date because the tournaments are coordinated around the events at another LAN Center in Pittsburgh. These events are NEO PGH Events so the seeding is based on how you performed last tournament, and how to performed at past NEO and PGH Events.

Next 2 Events:

Sep 4th & Sep 18th scheduled 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST

Attendees Last Event: 16


Bracket Sep 4th 1v1

Bracket Sep 4th 2v2




Spectators are welcome!

$10 Venue Fee per person

1v1 Tournament – $5 per player

2v2 Tournament – $10 per team

The venue fee is in addition to the tournament fees listed above but we break out the pricing so everyone understands you only pay the venue fee once per event no matter how many tournaments you play in that day.


We will not be streaming unless the event is a featured event. When we stream, It will be streamed on the GameOn twitch channel and the Looking For Group twitch channel: Twitch channels.

Settings and maps:

Both brackets are double elimination, and best of 3 matches but the semi-finals and finals rounds are best of 5 matches, which is always the last four games in the bracket (losers semi-finals, loser finals, winners semi-finals, and winners finals).

Maps list coming soon!

Please Bring:

Super Smash Bros for the WiiU

Wii U and cables

preferred controller

You can RSVP by filling in the form below. You will pay at the door. We except card payments in store for food, drinks and venue fee. Cash payments are necessary for the tournament passes as we payout same day. 

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