Halo Series

GOeS Halo Series

LAN Tournament April

Powered by: BxA Gaming and Local Gamers United

 Saturday April 23rd

FFA 11am 2v2 12 noon EDT and 4v4 2pm EDT

1105 Rochester rd Pittsburgh pa 15237 (on front side of the building)

Registration at the door will close 1 hour before start times.

All players must have a MES Live account and ID before registration closes. Please register before.

Payout upto $500

Streamed on: Twitch.tv/GameOnLLC for (Grand Finals)


Introduction, your journey begins:

Halo fans rejoice! Halo is back and looking outstanding with Halo 5. This game has been built from the ground up to be competitive and GameOn has 8 months of tournaments LAN and Online in 2016 season lined up with a big Grand Final LAN at the end of the year. Just like our Gears and COD series, you will play 1 LAN every single month till end of 2016. Points will be rewarded that level up your personal ranking and will be used for bracket seeding in the Grand Final LAN. Below you will see team pass pricing for each month and a link for settings, maps and game types. You may register in 1 or all of the brackets you would like to compete in at the very bottom of this page. Settings and game types are subject to change depending on what HCS is implementing.  We will update this page monthly as we continue to work on our point system and our new website currently in development. Once we launch our new website points will be everything in many different ways so start competing now. You may also register your team on this page each month for the next LAN event. 



We will be streaming on twitch.tv/GameOnLLC Starting at 12:30 pm EST with FFA followed by 2v2 and 4v4. We will stream till we have completed all 3 brackets. This is a 1 day event.

What do I need to bring?

1.) Make sure you have an xbox live gold profile

2.) A copy of the game digital or disc

3.) Astro mix amp and headset (if you do not have these you can still play)

4.) Your preferred wired controller. You may use wireless but must remove battery’s after playing to prevent interference. Scuff and Microsoft pro controllers are allowed. If you have any off brand controllers, it can not have any mods that would be considered cheating such as rapid fire and other firm ware updates that would give an unequal advantage during play.

5.) cash for team passes

6.) MESLive.tv ID number!!!!! This is free to sign up and required in order to get your LGU Points so and bring your id number with you please. You can find your id number on your dashboard once you log in on MESlive.tv .

Feb 27th 2016 Map/Game-types Rotations for FFA 2v2 4v4: 

Map Rotations For All Brackets Click Here!

Feb 27th 2v2 4v4 Brackets:

2v2- Feb 27th 2016 Halo 2v2 Bracket (Single Elimination)

4v4- Feb 27th 2016 GOeS Halo 4v4 Bracket (Double Elimination)

LGU Points and FFA Seeding:

LGU Points serve many different things in your journey through our Halo Series. Each player will earn points based on how they place as well as points just for playing in FFA that help your seed for 2v2 or 4v4. Points stack. To get the most points in a LAN, you can play in all 3 brackets. The points will level your player card up each month which will determine your qualification in the top 8 team LAN at the end of the season. More details will be posted on this page later in the 2016 season. Points for team based brackets such as 4v4 are a combined total. If you have 20 points and I have 30 points, as a team we have 50. That’s how we do seeding for all team based brackets but the points are recorded separately just in case you play with a different team at some point in the season. Halo FFA will determine your seed in the 4v4 each month. 1 member per team will get a free entry into the FFA. If all your players play in FFA, you have a better chance of getting a higher seed each month as those points will be based on placings in FFA. 2v2 is based on LGU Points not FFA. All other LGU Points you earn will be recorded for seeding in the final top 8 LAN at the end of the 2016 season in October so start earning points and enjoy having competitive Halo back in Pittsburgh!!

LGU Points have the same break down as MES Points and are recorded as points to be used for any LGU sanctioned tournaments such as MES, KOTC, AGN and many others. If you used the free FFA pass from buying a 4v4 team pass you will still get LGU Points for the 4v4 bracket.

LGU Points ran from series points so if we announce the tournament is a 2K LGU Point Series, all 4 players on the winner 4v4 team will receive 2,000 LGU Points, the 2nd place team would get 1200 points per player, and so on. All participating teams get points based on what place they earned, and you will not get points for registering and not showing up. No-shows are removed from the bracket before points are distributed. LGU Points must be earned. Once the player profiles are available online, a complete break down will be posted on the website for players to review and plan a team strategy for earning the most points possible.


Player Rankings and qualifying for final LAN:

Each player earns points that will level up your experience bar each month. Once our new site launches,  you will see were you stand. For now we will be recording your points and will try and get a basic way for you to see were you stand in our season according to individual player points. Rankings will be based on points not stats. This page will be updated once we have that up on our website.

Building your Halo team with points:

Once we get started with recording the points, you will see everyone who has the most to the least amount of points and a way to contact them when building a new team. This will be built into our new website under team builder. We are going to start recording stats for LAN only. That will help you in building your team and choosing players. Also keep in mind that if a player missed a month or 2 they will not be as high of a rank as if a player played who attends every month and played in every bracket. In this case, make sure to judge a player on there stats and reputation. Next to each player be sure to check if they are a free agent or on a team.

LAN Schedule Season 1:

Our 2016 Season has started

2016 season- Dec 2015 to Oct 2016.

1 LAN every other month.

Upcoming Events:

April 23rd (This Is Your Next Event)

Oct (date, payout, and venue to be determined) Grand Final LAN with be top 8 teams. There will also be open bracket for those who didn’t qualify.


(Details coming soon)

Link to view Maps, Settings and Game Types


FFA- (Slayer) This is a slayer based game type that will help us determine your seed in the 4v4 tournaments. When you sign up for the 4v4 you get one free pass for one of your players to play in the free-for-all. All other players will be required to pay the 15$ pass to enter. How the seeding works is as follows:

1st place: 10 seeding points

2nd place: 7 seeding points

3rd place: 6 seeding points

4th-8th: 4 seeding points

The team with the most points put together will be the highest seed for 4v4 so it will be in your best interest to get as many players you can to play in the free-for-all. Only first place will receive a cash prize. These points are not the same as our LGU Points.

2v2- (slayer only) Team Slayer

4v4- (Variant) Team slayer, Capture The Flag, StrongHolds

Team Passes:

All players will be charged a 1 time per event $5 venue fee on top of the team passes. If you are coming to spectate its $5. All players must pay before being placed on the final bracket. (Cash Only) at the door day of the event.  There are no outside snacks or drinks allowed. Everything we sell is 1-5 dollars. we except credit, debit, paypal for purchases over 5 dollars. We do same day cash payouts so make sure team passes and venue fees are cash only. if you need to pay the venue fee with card or paypal you have that option.

FFA- $15 but one free pass with the purchase of a 4v4 team pass.

2v2- $50 a team

4v4- $120 a team


payout is upto $500. No matter what, you are guaranteed to win at least double or triple your money for 1st place. Meaning if you pay $100 for your  team pass you will walk away with at least $200 or $300. 11 or more teams and we will start to payout 2nd place. As we said before, no matter what you are guaranteed double or even triple your money for placing 1st. The more teams the bigger the payout.

All teams will earn points each month to qualify for the final tournament in October. More information mid-season on how this all will work.