Halo 4 Tournament

Halo 4 Tournament

GameOn Halo 4 Tournament 8

Save the date Saturday Aug 31st 10am-9pm FFA- $15 and 4v4- $60

Hey all you Halo 4 fans, we would like to invite you to our 8th Halo 4 tournament. Our Halo 4 tournaments are so successful we are just going to keep on doing them. We want to make this one even bigger than the last. Bigger means more cash to win. So tell all your friends and get your teams ready for another great GameOn Halo 4 tournament. This will be an FFA  4v4 tournament with a mix of AGL gametypes . Each team will play 3 matches, 2 objective based games and one Infinity Slayer. Tell all your friends and get your teams ready. Let’s make this one big guy’s. We will be using current AGL settings for all brackets. To get these settings and maps go to file share in Halo 4 and search (AGL Bonified Unwind). Prize for first place for FFA bracket will be 40% of the cash pool except 4v4 which will be %60. We want to start doing guaranteed payout’s for all our tournaments so we have created a tier system. This system is based on how many teams show up day of the event not how many reserves we get. (Tier 1) 5-8 teams with a guaranteed payout of $260 (tier 2) will be 9-16 teams with a guaranteed payout of $360. This tier system will only start taking effect when we hit 5 teams otherwise it is percentage based. This is to protect us and you Guys!!

ATTENTION: The first round of the Tournament will be at 1pm. We will be starting with FFA and ending with the 4v4. All teams and players must report to GameOn before 12pm AUG 31st to check in. you will need to pay at the door it must be (cash only). If you plan on competing in FFA or 4v4 please reserve online!! This is just to give us an idea of who will be competing. We thank you and above all Good luck and have fun!!!

From now on in our tourneys, we would like to stick to the gametypes. So we will not be voting on the game types but everyone can still vote on the maps. This will make it run a little smoother and faster. We will also be using the Current AGL gametypes and maps. Since these change all the time and we post on the site weeks before, we don’t know what the current gametypes and settings will be. Just count on playing whatever the current AGL settings, Maps and Gametypes are at the time of the event. Thanks


FFA Gametypes and Maps:

Admission price $15

In this bracket we will split everyone up into groups or just one big group depending on the amount of players. We will be playing a slayer match and the bottom 6 will be eliminated.  For example if we have a group of 12, bottom 6 will be eliminated and we will play again. Winner out of the top 6 will get 40% of the cash pool, 1st place only. This all depends on how many we have for the FFA bracket but we are hoping for 12 or more.  Prize will be percentage unless tier system is put into effect, see above for details!!

Maps Slayer:

We will be playing on a small map like Haven but we will take a vote day of to see what everyone wants to do.


4v4 Gametypes and Maps:

Admission price $60

For this bracket we will be doing the same as the 2v2 brackets. Teams will play a mix AGL maps and gametypes. Win 2 out of the 3 rounds and your team will advance to the next round. This will be Single elimination unless we only have a couple of 4v4 teams. Price of admission per team is $200 that’s $50 a person if everyone on the team pays in. We changed to percentage and price to make more money in the cash pool. Prize will be percentage unless tier system is put into effect, see above for details!!


If you are competing in multiple tournaments fill out the entire form. If you are competing in the FFA or 2v2, place (NA) in the remaining member boxes. In the notes box, first explain who you are as the payer for the following reservations, and second, explain who will be competing in which tournaments for your prepaid reserves. You must fill out the form before you prepay.

Team Name (required)

Team Members (If signed up for FFA only 1 team member is required if signing up for 2v2 only 2 team members are required.)

Team Captain/Coaches Name(required.. if you are signing up for FFA you are your own team captain)

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