GOeS Online League Summary

  • We will be starting an online league that will take place every month till October. Matches will be open every Monday night at 8:00pm through Saturday by midnight. The 1st and 2nd rounds will be Monday through Thursday, and the simi-finals and finals will be every Friday. The next league starts the first Monday of every month and consists of 4 weeks with week 4 being the finals for the league that month. Week 1, the seed for each team will be determined by their tier points. Weeks 2-3, teams will be seeded in the brackets based on bracket placing. Week 4, teams will be seeded  based on average bracket placing for the month. The team captain from each team must send final match results to dcumer@gameonpartyplanners.com or direct message @GameOnLLC on twitter to update the bracket. Email or DM must contain the following: your team, your team’s overall score, opponent’s team, and opponent team’s overall score. You will also earn GO points for place 1st, 2nd or 3rd each week but your GO points will not determine your seed or placing in the online leagues.


Tier Point Rankings


  • Team rankings consist of bronze, silver, onyx, gold and diamond. Everyone starts at bronze and works their way up in rank by earning tier points based on bracket placing. When you sign up for your first league you receive 5 Tier Points to get you to bronze and when you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the finals each week you will receive Tier Points to receive a higher ranking next league.



Bronze—5tp    Silver—15 tp     Onyx—40 tp      Gold—60 tp      Diamond—90 tp

1st  Place—10 TP      2nd Place—5 TP      

3rd Place—3TP    Any Other Placing—2 TP


  • Your rank will be updated every week on our website.
  • Your ranking for the 1st and 2nd weeks will be your seed for the following week. After that your average bracket placing will determine your seed for the 4th week and if there is a tie it will be determined by the team’s tier points. If there is a tie after reviewing the tier points, there will be a tie breaker match.
  • Teams 1-6 will advance to the 4th week each month.
  • After the pre-season all ranks will return to zero to start the season fresh.


Tournament Entry

  • After the pre-season, each entry will be $100/team for the entire month of the league.
  • Once we have received at least 8 team entries, the league will start for that month and we will cap out at 16 teams per league each month. This may change depending on how many teams we get right away. You will be able to sign up 1 months ahead on our website.
  • Once the season is under way the best teams will stand out pretty quickly. These teams will be ranked higher and may be placed into a bracket with teams that are a similar rank to make it challenging for all teams. This may not happen till farther in the season. If it does, winners from both brackets will play a best of 5 clean slates to determine the winner for that month.



  • Matches work just like any other online tournament. Same rules apply as they do on LAN. We will have all teams listed on our website with gamertags so teams can link up and play according to the bracket on Challonge. If you would like to have a neutral host for your match you may request one. The GameOn staff will be standing by during the tournament to host matches for a limited amount of requests so request a host as soon as you know your opponent if necessary. You would just send the staff member a message on Xbox Live saying “request neutral host with (your team) vs (opponent’s team)”. Matches will be best of 5 with rotating hosts. Lower seed in the match will host maps 1, 3 and 5. MLG variant maps and settings will be used.
  • Weekly finals will always be a neutral host from GameOn staff.
  • Once both teams agree to a specific time, teams will have 15 minutes to after designated time to start. If one team doesn’t show up they forfeit the match.
  • If the teams cannot determine a time, GameOn will provide 3 optional times for the teams to choose.
  • If a match is disputed, the team captain must send a 30 second DVR clip on Xbox Live to HellzMisfit showing the final score or the disputed incident. GameOn will have final say in verdict.
  • The team captain from each team must send final match results to dcumer@gameonpartyplanners.com to receive update the bracket. Email must contain the following: your team, your team’s overall score, opponent’s team, and opponent team’s overall score.

Changing Team Members and Subs

  • The team members you sign up with must be the ones playing. You may sign up two subs in the case one or two of your team members were unable to show up. You can use a sub from another team, except in the finals, as long as it’s not the week 4 bracket or another team in the semi-finals or finals for that week. It is highly recommended to register subs.
  • You can register two new subs every Sunday. The subs you register for that week are the only subs that can play with your team that week. Subs do not receive points or team rankings. However, if you register one of your subs as an official team member, they will receive all points received that month as long as you prove they played in at least 2 matches that month’s league.
  • You may change 1 official team member once a month but when you change team members your tier points may change if the new team member has a higher or lower tier point than your team. When changing team members, your team tier points will deduct by 2 points and the individual who left the team with acquire a 5 tier point deduction. Then, the average of your team tier points and the new team members tier points will determine the new team tier points. If the entire team splits up, every individual acquires a 7 tier point deduction.
  • Within the 15 minutes of the scheduled match, if less than 4 players are available for one team, you may play with less than 4 players but only for 2 matches per month. For example, 2v4 or 3v4 depending on the situation.


How to Pay

1. Signup your team by filling out an rsvp form on our website. You can find this under the cod goes tournament tab under goes online, then registration. This is found at the top of our website. just highlight the tab and drop down to registration. Please use a PC not a phone as we may not receive it. Sometimes we do not get a rsvp for some reason. if you do not get a confirmation email then we did not receive it. Just let us know via twitter @gameonllc or give us a call at 724-429-4048 which might be the better way. We will register you over the phone and get your team in the bracket.

2. You will receive an email containing an invoice to be paid with a card or paypal. If the form was not filled in properly, We will email you with a request for more information before an invoice will be sent.

3. Once paid your team will be added to the bracket for the month you are paying for. When it comes to payment we want to deal with the team captain only. He is in charge of collecting the money from all the team members so make sure you can trust the team captain with your $25 fee.




  • There will be one tournament each week so you will earn Tier Points for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd each week.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place with receive GO Points for our LAN bracket seeding each week along with points for GO Pro Points each month to qualify for the Grand Finals LAN at the end of the season.
  • The winners will receive a payout worth 70% for 1st place of the pool via PayPal. We can send the full amount to the team captain so it will be the responsibility of the captain to distribute accordingly. If you would like us to send money individually to each member we can, but would prefer to send it to the captain. If that is the case each member must have a paypal account.


LAN Tournaments vs Online League

The league is not replacing the LAN tournaments since you cannot get the same experience and practice online as you do in the LAN tournaments. But it will give the players that cannot make it to the LAN tournaments a chance to keep up their GO Points and get the practice of playing players outside of the region. Every month the GOeS Online will be over before our LAN for that month so that we can add your go points for seeding. All teams with Gold or Diamond ranking at the end of the online season will be invited to attend our grand finals LAN as long as they have placed top three at one GameOn LAN event at least. First place at the end of the online season will get into our grand finals paid for by GameOn. If a team has already qualified for the grand finals by playing at our LANs then it will be handed to the next place team.