2015 – 2016 Gears of War Ultimate Edition Season

2v2 4v4 LAN and Online Events

Next LAN: Jan 23rd 12pm-9pm

 Next Online: Dec 5th Team passes are Free for Online December and January. Earn                                                                                points for  seeding in Lan Jan 23rd!!

2v2 $40 team pass

4v4 $100 team pass

venue charge $5 per person

Hey all you Gears fans, with the release of Gears of War UE, We decided to dust off the old lancer. GameOn would like to invite you to the start of Season 1 for Gears of War UE. Here is how it breaks down.

Click here for the Maps & Settings for the Gears of War GameOn eSports Season 1.

     * A collaboration of online tournaments and LAN tournaments.

     * Online tournaments help determine your seed for the LAN tournaments, and 2v2 online helps your seed for the 4v4 online tournament in the same week. Every competitive Gears of War event we offer now ties into one competitive experience all month long.

     * Weekly online tournaments to win awesome prizes and monthly LAN tournaments to win big money.

     * Earn GameOn Points for every tournament to qualify for invitationals and earn a better seed for the LAN tournaments every other month.

     * Best of 5 for the team portion with a continuation for grand finals. 

     * Execution only – we are basing the settings off of Hypefestation competitive events.

     * 2v2 and 4v4 tourneys 

     * Price of admission is $40 for 2v2, $100 for the 4v4 team pass, and $5 per person venue fee.

     * 2v2 first, followed by 4v4

     * Register online before the day of the event and pay at the door (Cash Only).

* Register before Jan 22nd for the first LAN tournament and before Dec 5th for the first online tournament.


     Attention: All teams and players must report to GameOn before 12pm Jan 23rd to sign-in for all LAN events.

     * Doors open at 11am Jan 23rd. You may come early to practice and get setup before teams arrive. 

     * A copy of the game is not needed since we have enough digital copies for all of our consoles. If you bring a copy of the game to play on your own profile, or you bring your own controller/headset, please do not let anyone use it that you don’t hang out with outside of GameOn!

     * Below you will find all the settings and info involving the tourney.

If you don’t already know our GameOn Point system, get to know it because it will make a difference in your seed for all tournaments, weekly prizes, invitationals, and qualifying for the end of the season big events. There will be some changes to our website soon to make it easier for you to track your points and rankings. You now earn GameOn Points online so you have more chances to wrack up points before the LAN each month. You start fresh each month when it comes to your GameOn Points determining your seed so no teams are penalized for not participating in the online tournaments. BUT don’t worry, you didn’t earn those points for nothing!!! Throughout the season, we will be hosting invitationals where your team can qualify depending on how many GameON Points you earned that season, and you still have to qualify for the end of the season’s big event depending on your GameOn Points.

Good Luck to all the players and Teams!!!

ABSOLUTELY NO outside snacks or drinks of any kind allowed in the venue!!

The sales from snacks and drinks are what allow us to keep the team passes

so low each month so it benefits everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.


accepted for snacks and drink sales $5 or more

Team Passes: You may RSVP online but you must pay at the door cash only day of the event. A twitter account is required for the online registration to ensure easier communication between teams while setting up the match and easier communication with BxA Gaming and GameOn LLC during the online bracket each week. All registered teams must follow @GameOnLLC and @BxAGaming on twitter before signing up for the online tournaments. 

2v2 LAN Signups:

Team Captain Full Name (required)

Team Captain Phone Number (required)

Team Captain Email Address (required)

Team Name (required)

4v4 LAN Signups:

Team Captain Full Name (required)

Team Captain Phone Number (required)

Team Captain Email Address (required)

Team Name (required)

BxA Gaming Online Tournament Sign up’S: 

The Official GameOn Gears of War Online Tournaments

2v2 Dec 5th starts at 6:00 pm EST every week except the week of the LAN tournament (double elimination for 8 or more teams; single elimination for brackets with less than 8 teams)

4v4 Dec 5th starts at 8:30 pm EST every week except the week of the LAN tournament (same settings at LAN)

What should I bring:

Headset aka Astros or another brand compatible with Mix Amps

Mix Amp

All cables for mix amp and headset

Preferred Controller

You are responsible for everything you bring. When you are done with your match, take everything with you. We will have some equipment for sale if one of your team members forgets something like a cable or headset.


This event is the first of 7 in our 2016 season 1, all events up till April 2016 will be the GameOn Party Planners LLC LAN Center. Since we are a LAN Center the monthly tournaments are LAN tournaments.

GameOn LLC address: 1105 Rochester RD Pittsburgh PA 15237

Gears UE Season and GO Point Break Down:

Our seasons are very simple. We host 1 LAN each month where players earn points for bracket seeding called GO Points. These points will carry over for the big event at the end of the season tournament in April but the monthly seeding starts fresh each month. Points are individually based so if you move to another team or become a free agent, your points go with you. Points are calculated up as a team to determine the teams seed for each tournament. If you have 20 points and your teammate has 30 you have 50 points as a team. Points get reset after the big event at the end of each season.

GO Point rewards:

All players get 2 points for buying a team pass each month

1st– 10 points

2nd– 5 points

3rd– 3 points

Click here for the Maps & Settings for the Gears of War GameOn eSports Season.

If you have any questions just DM us on twitter @gameonllc or email us at dcumer@gameonpartyplanners.com


2v2 & 4v4 – We base our payouts on the amount of teams. We will always double or triple your money at our events for 1st place and 2nd. So far, we have never paid out less than triple for 1st place for 4v4 and 2v2.

2nd– We payout 2nd place for brackets with more than 10 teams. At 11 teams, 2nd place will get your team pass back and it will go up from there.

We always pay out same day!