Competitive Season Breakdown

Competitive Seasons


Game Series Breakdown

Opening statement:

Every year we have been doing E-Sports and continuing to grow. With the E-Sports market being overrun by many different online as well as LAN origination’s, If you want to stay ahead of the game you need a new approach and fresh ideas to continue to grow. Most company’s and orgs focus so much on the online over LAN. Why, because its cheap and easy. Yeah there’s also LAN every few months but 70 to 80% is Online. The bigger Companies, now quickly becoming the developers of the games as well as companies like MLG and UMG focus mostly on the pro level of players. Do you know where most of your money goes when you attend these events? You guessed it, to the pros and more marketing for the pros. Yes they have open brackets and pool play, but its jammed packed and segregated from the main stage and the focus of everyone watching from home. You don’t get exposer for yourselves or your team. How on earth are you going to fight your way to the top with thousands of other teams doing the same thing you are? These are all reasons why many teams that have the potential and drive never make it. But all of us at GameOn as well as our affiliates believe everyone deserves a chance. We are working on some big things with other company’s and orgs for the Novice players to help give you the training, the tools and the exposer you will need to get to that next level, Pro Status!! This is just the beginning and you as an up and coming player are our main focus. Welcome to GameOnLLC and the LGU Seasons competitive play.


 Local Gamers United, is not just another organization nor is it a LAN hosting company. LGU is a network of LAN holders that all have a similar if not the same belief that the Local and novice players need the same rights as the pro players. Weather it be Halo, Gears,COD or any other game that has a competitive community. LGU was founded in 2015 and by the end of 2016 is expected to have large if not the biggest collaboration of local event holders as well as org’s all work together. How does this whole thing work you ask? Well it all starts with a universal point system. No matter what event Online or LAN, Or even what console, You will earn points that will carry with you as an individual player. These points will also build your player card for both your online skill as well as lan skill. Points will also be used for LAN seeding. More about the points in the next section. We will reward you with stats, ranks, badges for playing or completing challenges and much more. Your player card will be your entire career as a novice player in one snap shot. It will be available for you to present to orgs for funding and to showcase your ability’s in the game or games of your choosing. We are developing a brand new website that we plan to launch mid February that will display everyone’s player cards. The greatest thing is you can start building this player card right now. Since December 2015, if you have played with us GameOn, KOTC or MES you have already started. If you have played on you have already started to build your online xp and stats.

Its crazy to think that everyone will be working together and it run smoothly. Yes this has never been done before, and nothing will ever run 100% out of the gate. All we can tell you is the Goal is a very big one. To give the Novice players, YOU the same high quality and professional experience as the pros get. Also while not loosing that local grass roots atmosphere at an event that some of the bigger company’s have lost throughout the last few years. All of us involved with the LGU will all stand for the same goal and purpose as well as maintain professionalism, good customer service and provide outstanding events online or LAN across the board. Any event held within the network will be fun and of the highest level catering to Novice players.

You can find more information and who is all involved as of now by going to Weather you are looking to get involved or wanting to see all the places you can build your player card. Its all on the LGU website. So strap in gamers, buckle your seat belts, and prepare for your moment in the spotlight. 2016 is going to be one hell of a ride.

How do i get involved?

Weather your an Org, or Company, everyone is welcome to apply and we encourage it. The only way this will all work is a big network. The more we grow the better it will be for the entire community. By being in the LGU you will help grow your own local following as well as help others grow. This is done by cross promoting all your LGU brothers in a seamless network across all social media. You will learn and grow as your own separate entity and eventually receive sponsorship money to build your prize pool. LGU is a non prophet Organization. Any money that the LGU may acquire through sponsorship’s will be filter through the network were its needed. GameOn, NJ KOTC, and MES are the head of the organization and council of the LGU. Any major decision will always be put to a vote by the council. No one company has complete say and everyone’s opinions or ideas matter. Before a decision is made the council as well as all sanctioned event holders have a say before a final vote is made by the council.


For the past 3 years our seasons have been Dec to October. We focused on mostly COD because we are console based. We averaged about 7 to 14 teams every month and built an outstanding community in the Pittsburgh area. The biggest issue was we didn’t have enough variety of games and no real purpose behind it. We then incorporated a very basic point system for bracket seeding. It worked well. But now going on our 4th year we wanted to expand on what worked and how we could make it even better.

1.) Work with other company’s/LGU, from Dec to Oct 2016 to continue to grow.

2.) Add new games in season 2 to replace the titles that are falling behind.

3.) To give players a chance to jump in midway through the year without being so far behind the top players in points.  All points get reset at the end of each season.

        We don’t turn away anyone and you can come to any of our lan’s or affiliate lan’s. Weather its 3 months into a season or the last month everyone is welcome. If you don’t care about earning points and getting to the top, that’s fine to. Come to get practice or play for fun. We make every LAN affordable at $120 for 4v4 and $50 for 2v2. We sell passes both online and at the door depending on the event. This goes for any competitive title we do throughout each season. Each Season will have 3 or more titles to choose from. Each lan will be on a specific Saturday every month. Right now Season 1 is Halo 5, Smash Bros melee, and COD Black Ops 3. You can check all the tournament dates for the 2016 season by clicking this link. Before the start of each month in 2016, we will have all dates set. We understand that there will always be plenty of events to choose from and most have not announced there’s, But ours is set in stone and will not be changed unless it contradicts with another LGU event. We are working on what we would like to do at the end of each season. We may do bigger payout events or do random bigger payout events throughout the season. More details on that coming soon. As of right now it looks to be one big collaboration for all games in one 3 day event. For the full point break down please see Points Section. We will do fun online tournaments here and there but the points are based on LAN play with a small side of online and that’s what we want to stick to. We do 1 LAN for each title every single month. You will earn points, rank up and qualify for bigger payout LAN events with KOTC, MES and other event holders. The end of season event for 2016 is slated to be in Pittsburgh and move every year.  Details on the ranks, seeding and new point system will also be under point section.

Competitive series:

Our competitive series is just a fancy way of saying what games you want to compete in. For example our Halo 5 series. Each game has its own point system and rankings. So if you play in Halo the points and rankings will be separate from COD Black Ops 3 series. You can identify each series by Shield graphics we post on twitter and social media. There will be a LAN every month for each title throughout each season. Points get reset at the end of each season as well. Most company’s do LANs every 2 months and base a lot of play on crap internet connections. There are many ways to cheat online and its impossible to catch them all. Thats why when you play in an online event the points wyou earn will be significantly less then if you travel and play on lan. As much as all of us hate it, online is a big part of the industry. You will have your online skills and lan skills displayed on your player cards. We will always be basing teams and player skill on the full picture. Not only does it prepare you for much bigger events but will line you up for future sponsorship opportunities. We can also help with this by giving you places to play lan and tools to show off your competitive skills in the game of your choice. As a player you have the option to play in 1 or all 3 titles each season if you would like. For some just starting in competitive try all 3 to see which one you most enjoy. After all if you don’t like the game, you will be miserable and prob cap out your skill. Under the GOeS Events tab you will find direct links to all 3 titles each season that will continue to grow as the year progresses. So if your looking for info on Halo, Smash, or COD, They will be broken down under each individual event. So choose your game, start ranking up, and earn those LGU points!!

Point system break down and rankings:

Our points are everything. Its how you will be seeded in the brackets, how you will level up, and how your skills will be showcased. We have kept the simplicity of the old point system and rebuilt it from the ground up. Players have been earning points called GO points aka GameOn points for the last 2 years. They were mainly for bracket seeding. This year they are more important and advanced than ever. All points are now LGU points. Here is how it all works. When you play in our lans or an affiliates lan, you will earn points that will build your player profile. Points are all individual based and go with you no matter what team you play for. When you join a team your points and their points get calculated together to determine your seed in the brackets. Each game has its own point system and your profile will display what games you compete in. With our new data base, we can record all your point earnings among other things like stats. More details on stats later. We are in Beta at the moment but we will be working to get all this information on our in development website. You will be able to build teams, see who has the most points, see who is an FA and much more. A big portion is based on LAN and will be seperate from your online. The reson for this is when trying to get a sponsor it will be broken down for you to present. almost like a resume. See player card and new website section for more info. So when you are earning points its based on the full career of that player.

Player Cards and New Website:

Once officially on our website each player will have their own player card almost like a baseball card. It will display everything you would need to know about a player. Every time you earn points your experience bar will level up. Like a real time Role Playing Game. Once you accumulate a certain amount you will go up a level. your level will be based on everything you do as a whole. We are still perfecting this but right now we are thinking everyone starts at bronze. Levels go as follows, Bronze silver gold. We may even do bronze 1 bronze 2 bronze 3 then silver and so on. These player cards will almost be like your resume for hitting pro status within LGU. We will be working each season to bring in orgs that will be looking for players and teams to sponsor. When they need a good team we will present those teams and players based on their player cards. These are the kind of tools you will have to get sponsored and play in big MLG and other company’s 10k and up tournaments. We hope to launch all details and get everything on our website no later than mid Feb. For now you will start earning points and give us data to perfect the system. We plan on having a basic format so everyone can see were everyone stands in  the rankings. It will be very basic at first and we will incorporate the team builder,  player cards, Tournaments, Badges and our new GOld, a digital currency for playing at launch with other features later in 2016. We will be posting the point break down chart soon. We thank you for your patience during this process.

What Is GOld?

GOld, is a digital currency that will be used on our new E-Sports website currently in development. The website is 100% free. GOld will be used to buy in to online tournaments, purchase digital items and more on our new website. You will start with a certain amount when signing in or up on the new site. From there you can start competing in GOld tournaments and spend your currency how you see fit. You can even bet your GOld in our new wager system. As you play you will earn badges for completing challenges. For example placing top 3, 3 times in an online tournament or getting a massive score streak. Each badge gets attached to your player card and has value rewarded by GOld. There will be an option to buy GOld as well, so you never loose a step or miss a tournament because of over spending. When buying more GOld we plan to make it easy and very affordable. Any GOld bought contributes to improving the website and other aspects of the company. All player information is confidential when buying anything through our website. We will have top notch security and quick response times for those who need it.

There will be no LGU sanctioned online tournaments through the new website. If you are wanting to build that part of your player card you will need to play on to earn those points. GOld is a big part of the new design and all based on Fun and something different that you wont get anywhere else. Nothing says awesome like winning 100 GOld from a wager or unlocking a Badge to earn digital money. You will not be able to transfer your GOld to other players but you sure will have plenty of ways to earn it.

We plan to launch the beta mid February 2016 and we hope you are as excited as we are. Just one more thing we are going to offer this year. The new website will also be built from the ground up for mobile devices. Nothing scream’s annoying like having to have your lap top next to you for wagers and keeping track of brackets for tournament play, you will be able to do as much as we can allow on your phone tablet or other mobile devices.

Summery and closing statement:

So as you can see we are restructuring this year. Tons of new and exciting ways to grow your skills and experiences with GameOn and our affiliates. From LGU to our new E-Sports website, there is a variety of things to do and you are at the core of the design. We will always keep the Local Gamer in mind moving forward and we will continue to deliver the best experience we possibly can through everything we do.  Thank you for all your support going into our 4th year and we hope to see you at every event and online we are involved in. Keep Grinding and Like always, Happy Gaming!!