Blops 3 League Of Legends Combo Tournament

Call of Duty Black Ops 3/League Of Legends May LAN 

(Xbox One) 2v2 4v4 and (PS4) 2v2 and 4v4

(PC) League Of Legends 5v5

June 25th  10am to 11pm

Doors open at 10am

This month’s tournament will be hosted at the Looking For Group Cyber Cafe

924 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Parking and Bus Route links listed below

Since we are not hosting the tournament at our LAN Center, the pricing has changed. See below.

Sponsored by: Looking For Group Pittsburgh

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is one of the most anticipated COD’s of all time. It’s not just a game anymore, it’s a phenomenon. We are proud to announce the COD Competitive Series featuring Black Ops 3. The official start of the season was Dec 19th, and event LAN in the COD Competitive Series earns each player LGU Points that can be used when attending any LGU Events: MES Events, KOTC Events and more to come.  Below you will find team pass pricing, payouts, and competitive settings. Welcome to the start of what is going to be the best GameOnLLC COD season to date!!

Code of Conduct

Since we are starting to travel to host our monthly tournaments in different areas of PA and soon to be areas outside of PA, we are enforcing a code of conduct to ensure we do not any unforeseen issues at our remote locations. Below, you will find the Looking For Group Code of Conduct, and we plan to adopt a similar Code of Conduct once we seen what procedures work best with our community without jeopardizing the competitive atmosphere.

As an easy rule to follow just remember, if the language you are using is unacceptable in today’s society than it is unacceptable to use at a public event. We understand trash talk is part of the eSports industry but once you make it personal, you will be asked to leave so keep it clean.

LFG is an open, welcoming, and safe space. We want everyone to feel like they can come in, have fun, and meet new people who share their same interests. We need your help to make this a reality. Please welcome and encourage those around you, be mindful of the words you use, and respect other community members’ preferences.

We reserve the right to ask any person to exit our space at any time, for any reason. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please see any of the owners of LFG (John, Edd, Brad, Justin, Brayton) and we will immediately address the issue and try to resolve it in the most positive manner possible.

Below is a list of non-exhaustive insulting topics that will cause us to ask you to leave without warning.

  • Discrimination based on: gender, sexuality, race, disability, age, economic status
  • Sexual language
  • Threats
  • Destruction of property (ours or anyone else’s)
  • Violence of any kind

We had 20 total teams this last month which made for a great social event. The payout last season for COD 4v4 Tournaments was typically $450!!! That’s a nice days work for a one day event. We do same day payouts and we guarantee you will at least double your team pass. 

(Details and link below)

Please Bring:

  • A game disc or digital copy of Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 for Xbox One or PS4 and/or a copy of Rocket League for Xbox One. League Of Legends Players make sure to own the game on steam and know your login. PC’s will be provided.
  • Your controller and preferred headset. PC players Your preferred gaming key board mouse or controller. You may also bring a headset if you so choose.
  • You will also want to know your login to your Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One tournaments and PS Network for PS4 tournaments. 

Start Times and Brackets:


Leauge Of Legends – Starts at 11am LOL June 25th 5v5 Bracket

(5v5) Teams must have paid their passes and be ready to play at this time)


COD 2v2- Starts at 11am June 25th 2v2 XB1 Bracket

COD 4v4- Starts at 1:00 pm June 25th June 25th XB1 COD 4v4

(4v4/2v2) Teams must have their team passes paid and ready to play at this time)


COD 2v2- Setup starts at 10:30 am bracket starts at 11am.

 June 25th COD PS4 2v2 Bracket

(2v2 Teams must have paid their team passes and be ready to play at this time)

COD 4v4- Setup starts 1:00 pm June 25th June 25th COD PS4 4v4 Bracket

(4v4 Teams must have their team passes paid and ready to play at this time)


These prices are for both PS4 Xbox One and PC.

Spectator Pass – $5 per person

COD 4v4 – $35 per person at the door, includes ve

COD 2v2 – $35 per person at the door, includes venue fee

LOL 5v5 – $15 per person, includes venue fee

prices above include a $17 event fee which includes all fees deducted from each players pass. The remaining money is what is included in the prize pool.

Team Limit

There is a limit to the teams to ensure we stay on schedule. 

2v2- 20 teams

3v3 – 10 teams

4v4- 10 teams

5v5- 8 teams

League Of Legends Payouts:

5v5- Prizes with 8 teams provided by Riot Games. Without 8 teams, Prizes will be GameTime at LFG provided by LFG.

COD Payouts:

2v2 – Up to $720 prize pool

4v4 – Up to $720 prize pool

Methods of payment – Cash only, payment at the door

The $17 mentioned above in the tournament price section is a one time fee per person. If you play in multiple tournaments the additional tournament fee for the second tournament will go directly into the prize pool.

We averaged 4-10 teams each month. Ps4 players we would like to welcome you to the GameOn eSports COD Series.

All teams are awarded LGU points to use when attending any LGU sanctioned events such as MES Events in Michigan and KOTC Events and NY and Philadelphia. 

Attention: Please fill out the registration form before the event as the registration process holds up the start times if all players are not prepared with a GameOn id and MES id. Pre-registration helps us gauge the starting time for the tournament and ensure players have time to setup their equipment for Xbox One and PS4.

Thank You

COD Map Rotation:

HP (Hard Point) UL (Uplink) SnD (Search and Destroy) CTF (Capture The Flag)

4v4 All Brackets:

Gametypes and Map Rotations COD May 28th

2v2 All Brackets SnD:

2v2 PS4/Xbox Map Rotations (Single Elimination)

All best of 3 maps are randomized by the tournament director. Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals will be determined by the veto system.

Any questions about maps, rules, regulations, or settings please feel free to contact us via email at We respond quickly as this email is monitored around the clock. Thank You.

 COD Maps and Settings:

Map and Game Mode Rotations:
We do best of 3 until semifinals and grand finals, which are best of 5 until . These map rotations are not accurate being that we do them same day. Use these as guidelines.

Click Here for Maps and Settings for COD Black Ops 3


These restrictions must be set in the game settings.

  • UAV
  • Care Package
  • H.A.T.R
  • XM-53

Click here for League Of Legends Map Rotations, rules and Settings.




All Players are required to have a profile prior to the day of the event so you have an MES Events id ready when you pay at the door. This is a procedure we have put in place to ensure the tournaments stay on schedule as players do not always show up early. Thank you for your cooperation and keep playing. GameOn!











LOL REGISTRATION FORMS (All teams for LOL please register here as well as the form below) This is for Riot Games to send free prizes.


Information on Looking For Group Cyber Cafe

924 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226: Near W Liberty Ave, on the other side of the Liberty Tunnel.

Available Parking:

There is limited parking available in front of the store but it is also not free parking. There is free parking on the street behind LFG (Trelona Way) and in front of LFG (Fitch Way) on the other side of Brookline Blvd. There is also a parking garage for only $10 a day in close walking distance from the LFG Cyber Cafe. A Parking Map will be posted soon.

Bus Routes Include:


There are two buses for the Brookline area so if you don’t have a ride, check-out the Port Authority Trip Planner to get to the tournament on time.