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2016 GOeS COD 4v4 PS4/Xbox Bracket Map Rotations and Game Modes

February 24, 2016 11:27 am

These Rotations are updated before every monthly event.

HP (Hard Point) UL (Uplink) SnD (Search and Destroy) CTF (Capture The Flag)

4v4 All Brackets:


HP Evac

SnD Hunted

UL Breach


HP Fringe

SnD Infection

CTF Stronghold


HP Breach

SnD Evac

UP Fringe

CTF Evac

HP Stronghold


HP Stronghold

SnD RedWood

CTF Breach


HP Evac

SnD Hunted

UL Fringe


HP Breach

SnD Evac

UL Infection

CTF Evac

HP Stronghold

Grand Finals will be (VETO) BO5 Continuation series

All best of 3 maps are randomized by the tournament director. Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals will be determined by the veto system.

Gears Of War UE Online 4v4 Exacutuion Tournament

September 2, 2015 9:40 am



3pm est 9/19th/2015

Hey Gear heads

We know you are as excited about the Remake of Gears Of War as we are. To celebrate we thought it would be fun to do a Free online 4v4 Exacution only tournament. We had such a blast with the 2v2 we decided to do a 4v4. We know you are hungry for some good old fashion competition. Below you will find the list of teams and there GT’s and Twitters so that you may message them for matches. You will Also see the Bracket for this online tournament. Use the bracket to find out who you are playing and then reference the team name below to invite the players. Start with the team cap when trying to play your match. Maps and settings are being worked on and will be released soon.


1.) Team Name-

2.) Team Name-

3.) Team Name-

4.) Team Name-

5.) Team Name-

 6.) Team Name-

 7.)  Team Name-

8.)  Team Name-

9.) Team Name-

10.) Team Name-

11.) Team Name-

12.) Team Name-

13.) Team Name-

14.) Team Name-

15.) Team Name-

Bracket– 4v4 Exacution Bracket The final updated bracket will be posted at 6:30pm est 9/2/2015


This is just for good old fashion fun!! If we get 10 or more teams we will host another one for a prize.

How do i register my team?

You may register 2 ways. You can either DM us on twitter or sign up through our contact us form at this link Sign up form

When signing up we need the following information.

1.) If DMing on twitter DM should look like this.

Team Name:

killer Clowns





(yours and your teammates twitter)



2.) Contact us form:

Name= Team Name

Email= your email

Phone= NA

Address= NA

City= Your City

State= your state

Zip= NA

Game Requests= GameOn GOW 4v4 Exacution Online Tournament

Party Details= please list exact gamer tags and twitters. example below. if one team member doesn’t have twitter that’s fine but one player must have twitter account. If both players don’t have twitter please list that.

Gamer Tags




Frog- @nnnn

Fox- @rrrrr

This is what we see on our end after you hit send:

From: GOeS Awaken
Subject: Party Information
GOeS Awaken
Gears Of War 2v2
Gamer Tags


Rules and Settings:

All teams must be signed up by DM  @GameOnLLC on twitter before 5pm EST tonight. If you need a follow just ask. Or by contact us form.

The rules are very simple. 2v2 gnashers only. As far as we know Gears has dedicated servers. So the team with the highest seed in the the bracket will host up the lobby for the match. Bracket seeding is 100% random. Each team will play one match first to 7. This is a double elimination bracket so if you loose twice your out of the bracket.

Hosting matches- Team with the highest seed hosts the match

Character Bans- You may not play as Anya,Prescott,Sam Byrne, Kantas

Maps- Gridlock,Canals,Raven Down,Mansion,Clock Tower,Bullet Marsh (Some Maps may change) Coming soon!!

We are still working on maps and settings. We will post closer to the tourney.

Reporting Match:

The team captain from each team can DM us on twitter with the following. Both team captains must report the score. You may also send match info via xbox live to HellzMisfit if that’s more convenient for you guys.

Team A vs Team B

Team A 6 Team B 7

Team B WON include a screen shot of the final score

GameOn TV August 2015

August 13, 2015 4:04 pm


GameOn TV May 2015

May 1, 2015 9:31 am

GameOn TV Episode 24

May 1, 2015 9:30 am

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