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Rocket League 1-2Skey Hoops Online Tournament

GameOn Presents: The 1-2Skey XB 1 Online Hoops Tournament

August 20th 8pm EST

Registration closes Aug 20th 6pm

We Thought it would be a blast to try a Free Online 2v2 hoops  tourney for Rocket League. We have been having a blast playing and now we are inviting you to do the same. This will be a 24 team bracket and 100% free for all of those that want to play. Below you will see the rules and how to Sign your team up.



We want friendly competition which means no racism or any other trash talking that you your self would not appreciate. You know what we mean. If you have a problem with this during gameplay please report it by sending a message to HellzMisfit on Xbox Live. An admin will join party chat and address the issue. If found that the accused is indeed violating this rule, They will automatically be removed from the tournament. Please only report legitimate complaints and not try to use this rule to get a win.

Settings and Maps:

Players in game- 4

Map- Standard Hoops Map

Hosting- The Host will rotate, The team with the highest seed will host first and third maps and seeding is completely random.

Always choose the best server based on the teams playing. If the host is on the east coast, choose East Coast severs, if on the West Coast its west coast servers. Host player must choose the right server for best game quality.

Prize- Coming Soon

Mutators Settings:

Preset Settings- Custom

Match Length-5 Min

Max Score-Unlimited

Game Speed-Default

Ball Max Speed-Default

Ball Type-Default

Ball Weight-Default

Ball Size-Default

Ball Bounciness-Default

Boost Amount-Default

Boost Strength-1X



Respawn Time: 3 Seconds

Restrictions and Bans:

There will be no bans as all cars are pretty well balanced.


2v2 Double elimination best of 3, This means you have to win 2 out of 3 5 minute maps to advance in the bracket.

Xbox One/PC:

This will be played on Xbox Live and only on Xbox One. Xbox One Controllers only no Keyboards or Mice.