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League Of Legends Competitive Settings and Maps 5v5

(Quick Reference Break Down)



Summoners Rift



Best Of 1 Single Elimination. We usually do best of 3 but being that League Of Legends matches take anywhere from 45 min or longer we will be doing single elimination.



after all players have selected there champion, You can not swap characters after the match timer hits 25 seconds.


If a player from either team gets disconnected from the match the match will be restarted if that player so chooses to. 

Team Size:

This tournament will be 5v5. We had 3v3 scheduled and after talking to the community we decided to change it. 


We will be using all competitive rules and settings built within the game. There will be no tampering with PC’S in anyway that might give a team an advantage during the match. If a player or team is caught cheating in any way such as equipment modding or screen looking they will lose that map. 

Trash talking is aloud but please do not make it personal. Meaning no mention of the following.





Or really bad curse words. You know what those are. The venue has parents and younger players around and you will be removed from the building and disqualified from the tournament.


The venue, Looking For Group has 10 PC’s and we will be running 1 game at a time. We are limited by how many teams can be in the bracket. If you have a PC that is easy to transport you may bring it. we will have extra monitors for you to hook your equipment up. This would save time if we can get enough players to bring them. If your using the venues pcs, you may bring your preferred headset, keyboard and mouse. 

Team Limit:

We will be allowing 8 teams only. So please pre register if you are traveling from outside of Pittsburgh. We will hold your pass at the door untill the strart of the bracket June 25th 11am EST. If your team does not check in by that time, GameOn will sell your pass to a team that is waiting at the venue.


Undated LAN Info For June 25th 2016 LOL 5v5 Tournament:

Here is the normal rule set for a League tournament.
The tournament will be run as single elimination, best of one format on Summoner’s Rift using Tournament Draft. The finals will be played as a best of 3. All prizing will be provided by Riot under their conditions for a sanctioned tournament (8 teams minimum). The cost to enter the tournament is a per person venue fee of $15. Individuals who come without a team will be grouped together to form teams. All players and teams should be registered at the venue by 11am.
Headsets for comms will not be provided by the organizer or venue. If you wish to use comms with your team, please bring your own headset with a microphone.
The tournament will be run under the standard Riot rules for tournaments, as seen here:
Anyone’s eligible to play in a sanctioned tournament, with the exception of:
  • Individuals specifically prohibited from participation by Riot Games policy
  • Anyone prohibited by local laws, the Tournament Organizer rules or venue management
  • Anyone (including temp and contract workers) employed by Riot Games. Tournaments specifically identified ahead of time as “play with or against Riot Employees” are an exception to this rule
  • Tournament officials can’t participate in events they’re actively officiating
Anyone is eligible to participate as a tournament official for a tournament with the exception of:
  • Individuals specifically prohibited from participation by Riot Games
  • Individuals specifically prohibited from participation by the tournament’s attendance policy
  • Anyone planning to play in the tournament Tournament officials and support staff can’t arbitrarily prohibit anyone who is not in violation of the above from participating in a tournament.